Do you need to have surfed before to join UCC Surf Club?

No, we are welcoming to any UCC student interested in taking part in the sport.

Do you need to be able to swim and/or be physically fit?

While you’re learning to surf, the depth of water you’ll be surfing in won’t be over shoulder high. However, an ability to swim and reasonable physical fitness are important for your safety and development as a surfer.

Do you provide the equipment?

Due to the popularity of our club, early in the year we do not have enough equipment to supply demand for beginners in this case. We organise lessons with local surf schools who provide the equipment to give you a taste for the sport. If you decide to stick with it, we may be able to provide you with some equipment and help you obtain whatever you may need.

What is the standard of surfer on the Men’s and Ladies’ Teams?

It would be required that a male or female surfer would be able to stand up and ride an unbroken wave on their forehand and backhand on a shortboard. Ladies’ fulfilling this requirement on a minimal would also be considered for selection. Our Team is competitive and trains weekly so a level of commitment would also be required.

How often do you go away on trips?

We aim to go on a weekend trip every month where there aren’t exams happening i.e. Not December or April. We run day trips to local beaches when the weather and surf conditions are good. We organise an annual International Trip to a prime destination in Europe either in January or May.

What does the club do to stay active when the waves are flat/too big?

We organise social events such as surf movie nights in the Boole with a night out in town afterwards. We encourage members to take part in land based training during these periods, such as swimming and yoga.